Welcome to a better web:

            // Copy me!
            var bi= window.prompt("Enter site ID (try 0?)"); // ID of website to fetch
               "0x4CecEC099a5c8B554e6Ec0cdb7B7623f5016e20b", // Fetch the code that fetches webpages
               (e,r) => {
                   // Hex string to list of ints
                   // Run code to fetch website

But... what even is this?

EthSites is a registry of websites stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The magic javascript above connects you to the Ethereum blockchain with the Metamask Firefox or Chrome extension and retrieves websites stored in our registry. If you change the index variable bi in the JavaScript above, you can view different websites in the registry. We've specifically made this JavaScript as short as we can. Dissidents can memorize it, people can tweet it, or wear it on a shirt!

But... why?

Cause it's cool, DUH! But also...

The Ethereum blockchain has some properties that make it interesting to use as for censorship resistance:

Who did this!?!?!

Tyler Kell (@relyt29), Drake Eidukas (@drakeeidukas), Amy Masters, and Phil Daian (@phildaian).

Made with love at the IC3 Ethereum Bootcamp 2019.

Uploading Your Own Site

We provide a python script to upload your own website to EthSites. See the GitHub repo for more details.

Source Code: See Github